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Get involved and make your voice heard. From political event invitations to reminders to vote, we make it easy to organize with customizable templates.

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Looking to get more involved, or make organizing even easier? Choose from a wide variety of cards and flyers that will get your message to many people, whether you’re sending reminders to vote, spreading awareness of a cause or fundraiser, or planning an activism event. We give you the flexibility to customize your design—and we have a great selection of designs to choose from. Send a political fundraiser invitation that gets to the point with a text-only graphic that’s big and bold, or opt for an artistic design with a hand-drawn effect that feels genuine. Our flyer templates offer animating graphics that get attention (and the first 50 invites are free!). They’re the perfect way to spread the word about clubs or events, such as an anti-racist book club, workshop, or march.

Once you’ve chosen the design template, use our online design tool to customize it and add any finishing touches. Upload photos if you’ve chosen such a layout, craft the perfect message, choose the fonts, and update the colors to make your greeting feel unique and impactful. Though our wide assortment offers everything from allyship workshop invitations to BLM fundraisers, you can choose any template and fill it in with details you choose. Once you’re done designing, our online address book lets you save this year’s recipients as a custom mailing list—the perfect head start for the next virtual townhall meeting, local election, or other political event.

When you’re ready to send your invitations, announcements, or email reminders to vote, our smart RSVP tracking lets you know who's attending, who isn’t, and who’s opened your message (and who may need a little nudge). You can easily manage the guest list and message guests directly. Let people know what to bring to a rally, how to prep for an anti-racism discussion, how to register to vote, or any other helpful info not included in your greeting.